Better Healthfor a Better Life

Better Healthfor a Better Life

Better Healthfor a Better Life

  • Our Mission

    We at Hi Pharm are keen on developing products across a broad range of therapeutic areas in order to cure & prevent disease, to ease suffering & to enhance the patients’ quality of life everywhere.

  • Our Vision

    To become number one Pharmaceutical Company in the Egyptian market while maintaining the highest Quality medication that is accessible to every patient in need.

  • Core Values

    Committed to improving health & quality of life for our patients by increasing accessibility to our products through far- reaching programs & projects.


At Hi Pharm, we strive to create top quality medication for both local and global markets where cutting edge technologies are mastered and applied. We are building a market reputation for an exciting workplace, in which our pharmacists can envision and execute their professional ambitions, as well as cooperate to improve patients’ health around the world. We make every effort for a motivating environment where creativity and effectiveness are encouraged and supported. Your health is our concern.

About Us

Hi Pharm is a customer-centric company with a commitment to satisfying the patient’s unmet needs in medicine. With an expanding portfolio and far reaching projects, we at Hi Pharm aim to ensure highest reachability for all patients. We manufacture capsules, tablets, drops, and hormones, each in their separate production lines, under strict WHO and GMP guidelines to ensure the highest quality products reach our patients.

Featured Products

  • Unibiotic

    Unibiotic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with a unique mechanism of action giving it double the activity of older quinolones with no burden on the Liver. It has a wide spread distribution in body tissues with high rapid and extensive penetration into blister fluid.

  • Remowax

    Remowax earwax is an antiseptic & disinfectant of the ear canal. Drops foam on contact with earwax due to the release of oxygen, which acts as a strong antiseptic, softens and separates cerumen from the skin of the external auditory canal to facilitate removal of wax.

  • Steronate

    Steronate Norethisterone acts by inducing optimum secretory changes in the estrogen-primed endometrium. It inhibits secretion of pituitary gonadotropins that prevents follicular maturation and ovulation. Nor-Ethisterone acetate is twice as potent as Nor-Ethisterone.

  • Viavag

    Viavag is the best and most advanced therapy today for erectile dysfunction; it is an oral therapy very effective and safe.

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